Writing blog to win online mind mapping software MindV's Personal Edition 

Thursday, March 17, 2011 9:00:00 PM
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From now on we carry out a new campaign: Writing blog to win online mind mapping software MindV's Personal Edition.

The rules:

1, We  have the final say , if the number of participants is very large, we will have the right to set the monthly gifts upper limit or announced the end of the event.

2, The blogger should have a free account of mindv. You can register an account through this address  http://www.mindv.com/, and your MindV's login name should be same as your current blog name.

3, The blogger should write article about our online mind mapping software MindV, and the content can be MindV's software performance, your use of experience, etc.; link to http://www.mindv.com/ is required.

4, In your article please use these key words :
   "online mind mapping software",
   "mind mapping software",
   "brainstorming software",
   "mind map",
   "mind mapping ".

5, The blogger will receive one month online mind mapping software MindV personal version service everytime when he published an article. If the blogger published a number of articles, an account can get up to 24 months of free usage rights. (We have the right to adjust this limit in the future )

6, The blogger should send email to sales@mindv.com ,and the united form is:
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------
Article URL:


MindV login name:

MindV login email:

Your blog name:

-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

Please note: If you are ready to publish more articles, please send us email every 3 or 6 articles, thus reducing our workload.


Download Help files:

   Get it from CNET Download.com!  

Our Sites:

http://www.mindv.com/ (English)

http://www.mindv2.com/ (Simplified chinese)

http://tw.mindv.com/ (Traditional chinese)

http://mindv2.cloudapp.net/ (Online mind mapping software service)


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