What makes online mind mapping software MindV unique ? 

Thursday, March 24, 2011 9:02:00 PM
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MindV can help peoples save files on very safe cloud space, share their mind map with friends and embed a mind map on any web page. Our web application use microsoft SQL azure cloud database, the users files are saved in the microsoft  windows azure cloud storage. In that place, microsoft will do their best to keep these data safe: the database and the files are saved in three different data centers arround the world , two of them are backups. If the current database or files storage have errors, the windows azure platform will choose another data center's data, discard the old one, create a new data backup in another data center.We can say that it is more secure to save your files in the cloud space than  on your own computer.

MindV server side application is deployed on miscrosoft windows azure platform, in the future, if the users increase, we can set more host service instances so as to provide them with quality services. So the users never need worry about it's response  will be slow in the future when our users increase very fast. 

These two features make online mind mapping software MindV unique.

Download Help files:

   Get it from CNET Download.com!  

Our Sites:

    http://www.mindv.com/ (English)

    http://www.mindv2.com/ (Simplified chinese)

    http://tw.mindv.com/ (Traditional chinese)

    http://mindv2.cloudapp.net/ (Online mind mapping software service)

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