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Friday, March 4, 2011 7:47:00 AM
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Although we have many users, but seldom of them reported errors to us. For example, recently , we found mindv can not export mind map as word file. We have published this version for nearly three months, we believe some user had used this feature and of course failed . But till now, no body reported errors to us.

How to report errors to us?

There are three ways to report errors, first, you can send email to the Second,you can add your comments on the 'event' page . Third , you can write an article in our support forum.

What is the benefit to report errors to us?

There are many reasons that cause these errors. Some reasons are lacking testing, some reasons are caused by deployment environment. If you report errors to us, we would take actions quickly. And this will save you and other users lots of time.

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