Online mind mapping tips:How to keep your files safe (2) 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011 8:31:00 PM
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    This is the second time we talk about keeping files safe. In the last article, we told you in order to keep your files safe, you must safe your files in your own private or public folder. In this article, let me tell you another way .

     When you create a mind map and finally want to save it, you have two choice. First, save it as a local computer file; second, save it on your private or public folder in cloud space. When you save files in cloud space, you may worry about their safety.


    At the time when first save a mind map in cloud space, on the "Save" dialog, you can check the "Encrypt this map when save it" checkbox, two password textbox will appear, look at the picture below:

save with encryption

    So you can input an encryption password for this mind map. In the 1.1.0 version, the encryption password means a protect password. When every one want to read this mind map, he/she must input a password, but the file was not encrypted at all. In the next version 1.2.0, we will never keep this password in our database, but we will encrypt every mind map file instead. When every one want to read this mind map, if he/she input a right password, he/she can open this mind map file, but is he/she forget this password, no body in the world can open it again. 

    Why we change the encryption password policy ? Because on the enterprise user's side, if the mind map file's encryption password is keep in the database, mindv's support team will have the ability to open their secret files, they will have a little worry about it. So we will change our encryption policy. If the users feel better , we feel better.

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