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Tuesday, March 22, 2011 10:12:00 PM
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    A mind map file may have attachment files. The current version of mindv only supports vmap file, a mindv's local file format. You may ask can I attach a mind map file on server to this mind map file ? My answer is you can not, but you can add a hyperlink to your mind map file. To add attachment to mind map is  little complicated.

   Please follows these steps:

   atttach fun

  1. Increase the application storage quota:The application storage is assigned a secure storage area by the operating system to each application (including Mindv). Why it is called secure storage area ? because the storage area is isolated from your normal file system. Mindv based on Silverlight technology, can not access your file system directly, but it can access the "application storage". When a map includes image or attachement files, mindv will store a image or attachement map file in the "application storage" area temporarily, instead of in a disk folder. But the application storage's default quota is 1M, so it is proposed to expand the quota immediately. The proposed quota is 51 MB. Note that the quota can only be increased, not reduced; and quotas does not mean that it really occupy much disk space. When you click "1",a dialog box pops up. increase isoIn the prompt window, do remember click "Yes" button.
  2. Choose file: in file explorer, select one or more mindv mind mapping (vmap) files, these maps will be added to the application storage.
  3. Add attachment: Select a topic for adding attachment, click "Attachment" menu item,in the pops up dialog box , in the file lists, choose one file,click "OK" button.

       add attachment

    If a topic has an attachment , there will be an icon on it's right side. An icon like this:

    attache icons

    So when you save your mind map file on local computer or on cloud space, the attachments files will be included.

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