Online mind mapping tips: How to keep your files safe 

Monday, February 21, 2011 8:52:00 AM
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Hello, mindv users:

Do you know how to keep your online mind map files safe ?  If you have read mindv's help file, you must know that before edit a mind map file, it is very import to login first. But I don't think everyone knows this. When you start mindv by clicking the mindv application logo Start MindVwithout login, mindv will identify you as a guest user and everyone can do this just like you. So you click the "open" button,you can find many subfolders under "my public" folder in the "map explorer" , and  it seems that everyone create a subfolder under this, and try to save his/her file under this subfolder .


If you have done this, you must know that because everyone can start mindv as a guest user, and mindv will identify all the guest user as one user. That means everyone can edit ,delete files under this folder. And we will never promise to keep the files under this folder safe.

To keep your files safe, you must login first before you click on the mindv application logoStart MindV, and then mindv start to run and identify you as a special user, it will prepare a private folder and a public folder for you . When you try to save a file under private folder, no one else can search this file. When you save a file under public folder, everyone can read it but can not edit or delete it by default. Through "share" feature, you can assign access right to your friends or publics. Only through this way you can keep your online mind map files safe.

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Sites: (English) (Simplified chinese) (Traditional chinese) (Start mindv as guest user )

Blogs: (Hanson's simplified chinese blogs) (Hanson's linkedin home page)

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