Online mind mapping software tips:First using MindV what needs to be done 

Sunday, March 27, 2011 8:58:00 PM
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If you are the first time to start mindv, you need to check the content of user options, make settings according to your habits.

option 0

   On the image above, "1" Click Mindv button, "2" in the pop-up menu, click "Options", then the Options dialog box pops up:

option 2

    First, click on "application storage options", here is the first thing you should do when it is the first time a user uses mindv, or if the user re-installed computer. The application storage is assigned a secure storage area by the operating system to each application (including Mindv). Why it is called secure storage area ? because the storage area is isolated from your normal file system. Mindv based on Silverlight technology, can not access your file system directly, but it can access the "application storage". When a map includes image or attachement files, mindv will store a image or attachement map file in the "application storage" area temporarily, instead of in a disk folder. But the application storage's default quota is 1M, so it is proposed to expand the quota immediately. The proposed quota is 51 MB. Note that the quota can only be increased, not reduced; and quotas does not mean that it really occupy much disk space.   

    Second, click the "Layout Options" to set the other options

option 1


    "1" In addition to text information, you can also set the note, task information, hyperlinks, multimedia to a topic in topic features dialog box. This dialog box locates the left of the window by default, you can choose to display on the right. According to the preferences of individuals.

    "2" Mindv support multiple interface languages, now supports Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, future plans to support Japanese, Korean and other languages. Users can choose mindv interface language, click "Confirm" button and then refresh your browser to see the results.

    "3" Mindv mind map has nine themes, each theme  sets the format template of the various elements of the Mind Map. Here you can choose the default theme for a new map. Click "Confirm" button to save your options to the application storage,and the next time when you open Mindv it will import these default settings.

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