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Sunday, June 26, 2011 7:40:00 PM
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The enterprise user always concerns the mind map file's security. So I explain the mindv's security policy here.

We ensure the security of user files Through the following measures:

1. Private file folder

Every user has his own private folder and public folder. The files saved in private folder are not visible to other peoples. Of course the user can share his private file to other people. This is the first level protection.

2.Group account

For the enterprise user, they want more control on their users and have more privacy . We can setup a group account for this kind of users. A group account has an manager user, he will have the right to access "Group admin panel". For example:

Click menu item "Coporate->Group Admin" to open the group admin dialog box:

group admin

    In the figure above, if the group manager's mailbox is "", and the group name is "microsoft". "microsoft" group will have a group folder which will be shared with all it's members. The "" as the manager of  this group has all access right of this folder by default and can not be changed.

    Manager can add new members. In the "new member"input box, enter the email address of members, and then click "Add. " If this member is already MindV registered users, the above operation will only added to the members of this user group. If the member is not a MindV registered user , this operations will create a free MindV account, while add this new account to the group members. For new added member, he/she will have only read and modify access right by default. That means the user can save their maps in the group folder, modify other user's mind map file, add or modify new subfolders, but can not delete files or subfolders.

    Group manager can modify the member's authorization. Select a user in the member list, then check the "modify", "delete " permissions, click the "Modify" button to complete the changes.

    If a group account has more 50 members , we can even create a special subdomain web site for them.

3.Encrypt mind map file when save it


   To make a mind map secrecy, the user can check "Encrypt this map when save it" , then input password in the "Password" and "Password confirm" textbox. If these two password match, when you save this mind map on cloud space, the mind map file content will be encrypted with this password.

   Note: this password will not be kept in the server's database, so if you forget it, no one in the world can open this mind map again.

   We will add more security features in the future to provide the best online mind mapping software service.

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