Online mind mapping software mindv joined windows azure marketplace 

Thursday, September 22, 2011 8:41:00 PM
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Online mind mapping software mindv joined windows azure marketplace on 2/8/2011, here is the address :

MindV is an online mind mapping tools, based on cloud computing. The difference between MindV and other mind mapping software is: MindV was developed by using Microsoft Silverlight technology, it will run in the browser without having to install anything, it is easy to use. Being published on cloud computing platform, MindV will provide high-quality mind mapping online services; MindV save user files in the safe and low cost cloud space. MindV let team members collaborate to edit one mind map file, publish their mind map in blogs/websites. User uses it when they take notes, brainstorm, summarize, or sort out a complicated idea. User can register a free account at , they can upgrade to paid account later. Try it now as a guest user:

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