Online mind mapping software MindV 1.2.0 introduce 

Monday, June 20, 2011 7:22:00 PM
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After several months hard work , we have successfully published our online mind mapping software MindV version 1.2.0. In this version, there are a few new added features and hundreds bugs fixes.

  1. MindV can export your mind map to Mind Manager format;
  2. MindV can encrypt your mind map file when you save it in the cloud space;  and user passwords are no longer stored in the database to meet the security needs of business users;
  3. Support multi documents( You can edit several mind map files simultaneously );
  4. Team management functions (add or delete team members, share team folder), in the future we can even establish an independent online mind mapping services for a company;
  5. User custom theme (extract custom theme from an existing mind map files, save it in a file, apply it to a mind map file);
  6. The message notification feature (mindv can receive specific notification from server);
  7. Calendar management (add non-normal working day or holiday );
  8. The bing search service no longer is open to free users. This is because the agreement between MindV and Microsoft : the bing search result and ads can not be in the same page.
  9. The optimization of the editing, modifying some of the hotkey ,increasing several hot keys, see the help page for details or download the new help file.
  10. Increased private space quota: Private Personal Folder will increase to 50 MB; Professional Private Folder will increase to 500 MB; Extreme private folder will increase to  1500 MB.
  11. Modified MindV document Schema, to preserve the format of the topic text;
  12. There is no longer sub-topic nesting depth limit and the mind map page refresh faster.
  13. the other 200 changes according to suggestions or bug fixes.
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