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Thursday, March 3, 2011 9:05:00 AM
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When you try to create a mind map, you need set the topic or link line's color, add picture to a topic. You can draw some picture by yourself, but don't forget the internet. If you have used google, bing, or other search engines, you may find that whether you put any word, the search engines would list lots of pictures. So why draw a picture so hard by yourself.

MindV let you search pictures using Bing search engine. You input a search word, then just wait for a second.

 Search from bing

In the picture list, click the picture once, the picture will be add to your currently selected topic.

Sites: (English) (Simplified chinese) (Traditional chinese) (Start mindv as guest user )

Blogs: (Hanson's simplified chinese blogs) (Hanson's linkedin home page)

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