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Monday, August 1, 2011 8:21:00 PM
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    MindV has nine builtin theme files. Theme file is a collection of the mind map item default format. Such as the map background, topic text font styles, backgrounds, the relationship formats, the region formats...You can extract these formats from an existing mind map file and save it as a custom theme file, then import these formats from this theme file so that these formats can be applied to a new mind map.

theme file

    1. Create custom theme file

    To create your own custom theme file, the best way is create a map like this, then set all the mind map item's format. Finally save this mind map as theme file. At this edition, mindv only supports to save a theme file on cloud space.

    To save a map as theme file, the user need click on Mindv button, in the pop-up menu select "Save As", then submenu pops up, then click on "Save as theme file on server" menu item.

save as

    2. Import a custom theme file and apply theme to a new mind map

    When the user creates a new mind map file , and the user has already defined his/her custom theme file and saved it on cloud space. Now the user can import theme from this file. Click menu "Theme & Layout->Change theme->Import from file":

import from file

    The map theme file explorer will be opened. The user can navigate folders to find a theme file, then in the file list box, choose a theme file by click it. Then the user can imports this file by click "1" "Open" image button or "2" double click file item .

import from file

    3. Set custom theme as default theme.

    In step 2, the user imported a custom theme file, at this time, the user can also set the custom theme as default theme, which means every new created mind map will be applied this custom theme. To do this , the use just need click "2" "Change Theme", in the submenus, click "Save as default":

set default

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