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Wednesday, September 14, 2011 7:53:00 PM
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It is easy to add a picture to a topic. you can click the menu "Edit->Topic features->MultiMedia->Image", after that the topic feature dialog shows on the right or left of mind map.

topic functions

There are three kind of image :

  • Mindv builtin images : you can click the combox to choose a category, the pictures will be shown in the picture list box.


  • My images:Users can upload their own images to their cloud folder. Click "search" button, all their uploaded pictures will be shown in the picture listbox.

upload image

  • Public: You can search images using bing service from internet .This is the most powerful feature of mindv.

search image

To add a picture to topic is very simple, choose a topic, click one picture in the picture listbox, and the picture will be added to topic.


You can also resize the picture, click one picture, eight yellow rectangle will appear. Put mouse on one of these rectangles, press left mouse button, drag the rectangle to resize the picture. But the question is, when you shrinked a picture size, and saved this mind map. Later time, you open these mind map again. When you try to expand this picture size, you found this picture becomes not very clear.

In the situation, you can click the menu "Edit->Topic features->MultiMedia->Image" again, the topic feature dialog, click "Reload" button, the original picture will be added to topic again, and the picture becomes very clear.

You have another choice, double click the picture , in a new page, the original picture will be shown.

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