Online mind map tips: change online mind map file name 

Monday, August 15, 2011 8:49:00 PM
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When you save a mind map file on cloud space, it's file name will be set as main topic's text by default. After that, the user may want to change the file name. But they do not know how to change the file name, so they choose to save as another file. That was why we found several same files with different file names on our cloud space. It is not good way to do so, first it will waste your space quota, second, you would be confused by all these files , you may forget which one is the newest version.

In fact, change your file name is very simple. You can open the map property dialog. There are two ways to open the map property dialog box. First is to click "map property image button" on the top tool bar.Second is click menu "Coporate->Property".

map property

In the Map properties dialog, you change the "Title" text box content. After that , close this dialog, and save the mind map file again. You will find the file name is changed when you open the mind map file explorer.


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