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Wednesday, June 20, 2012 4:33:00 AM
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MindV online mind map software now include new added context menu and other new options.

1. When editing mind maps, the most commonly used features are the topic related features. For example, add topic, set the topic text format, the link line shapes and colors, topic shape. All of these common features are collected in this context menu, so you do not need to find them out from the ribbon menu items.

To pop up right menu, you just move the mouse over a topic, right-click on it. As shown in the following:

Context menu

In the picture above, there are some buttons in the top row: topic font family, font size, link line style, link line color, title shape button; in the second row : font bold, italic, font color, topic background, text align left, center, right, and the last button is image alignment. Then the following menu items are self-explanatory, please refer to the description of the edit and format features.

2. new user options

In General options, two new options are added.

option 1

2.1 The initial distance between the center topc and topic

The initial distance between the center topc and topic is 36 pixel. You can change it by setting this value. If the distance is too large, there will be a lot of blank in the middle part of the mind map. If the distance is too small, topic's links to center topic will be overlapped. The user can set the appropriate data.

2.2 Save the thumbnail of the high-precision in the map

The default set is not selected. When to save file, mindv will save a thumbnail of this mind map. The default set will keep the files much smaller, because of the low accuracy of thumbnail file will be small.  When you browse mind map file, it will display this thumbnail. Another use is to be exported to Word, PDF format, the thumbnail of this mind map will be embedded in the first page of the document. At this situation, you may need a high-precision thumnail .Not every mind map file need to be converted to Word, PDF, so the default is not to choose. If you are a Professional Edition user, you can set this option .

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