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Monday, June 11, 2012 5:52:00 AM
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Mind mapping is a convenient method of organizing thoughts into meaningful structures, analyzing them and leaving just the ones that matter. It can be used in any sphere of life – from planning a home renovation to building an oil tanker – and is easy enough to be used by anybody. Mind maps help visualize complex ideas and trace connections between their elements, so it’s not surprising that they are widely used in business. If you are looking for a new perspective in your collaboration with colleagues, MindV Online might have an answer to your questions!
***MindV Online is an online cloud-based mind mapping and collaboration solution that helps its users present complex concepts and ideas in the form of easy-to-follow diagrams and schemes.*** MindV Online is an online service, so you don’t need to download anything to your computer. Created in Silverlight, MindV Online is a cross-platform, cross-browser service that will work in any web browser with the Silverlight plug-in installed. Once a registered member, you can work on your mind maps online, alone or with your colleagues, publish the results of your work on the web and do a whole lot more! You can also upgrade your free membership to a paid account for access to tons of handy features, including additional map editing tools, export and import capabilities, map management and security options.
MindV Online is a convenient cloud-based service for mind mapping and active collaboration with your colleagues, so if you are looking to change something in the way you discuss ideas in your company, don’t miss the opportunity to check it out right now – the basic membership level is absolutely free!

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