MindV 1.3.0 new features 

Thursday, January 26, 2012 8:00:00 AM
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Online mind mapping software MindV 1.3.0 release issued on Jan 20 2012, changes include:

1.Core new feature: Multi users collaborate on one mind map

MindV creates a chat room for every "collaborative file". All the user who opened this mind map file will automaticly enter this chat room. So they can chat with each other.
For a "collaborative file", a file can be modified by many users at the same time. MindV will combine all the changes according to their happening order.

2.New added features: Disaster recovery, logs search

From v1.3.0 version, MindV supports disaster recovery: When you create a new mind map or import a local mind map file, you can modify it, but have not save it yet. At this time, a power outage or operating system crashes and other non-normal system shutdown will cause mindv to be closed unnormally, we call this situation is a disaster . MindV now can save every edit action or imported file in a temp file. So next time when you restart mindv, mindv detects that you have met a disaster, a disaster recovery dialog will pop up, which will leads you to recover a mind map file.
If a file is saved on cloud space, you can search this mind map file's logs, and you can even limit the search condition to a current selected topic.

3.Other features: Export to ppt format, new region type, drag and drop a attachment document on topic

MindV now supports to export to ppt file format. And it supports more boundary shapes.

From mindv 1.3.0, you can not add attachment file. Instead you can add hyperlink to a document which has been saved on your private folder. To do this is very complicated, so mindv support another easy way :drag a attachment file from your local computer and then drop it on a topic. MindV will upload this file to your private folder and then add hyperlink to this file.

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