Online mind map tips: How to set float topic position 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 8:25:00 PM
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Online mind mapping software MindV supports float topic. A float topic means a topic has no parent topic, and it can float anywhere on a mind map.

When you add a float topic, you can click the "Float topic" menu item,


 The mouse cursor will change from arrow to a special icon.

 You can move your  mouse, find a place to set the float topic's position, then click there, a float topic will be added.

After that , when you want to move the float topic , you will find it is very hard to set the float topic position, because a moving float topic can be easily caught by other topics. This will happen when a float topic enter the red rectangle around main topic and it's subtopics.

And the tips is when you want to set a float topic's new position, you should collapse the whole map, then there are only main topic and it's first level topics visible, so you can easily move the float topic


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