How to make subscription of online mind mapping software service 

Thursday, February 24, 2011 7:33:00 AM
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Online mind mapping software is an online service. So we would not sell software licences. For users, you need make subscription of our online mind mapping software .

how to make subscription ?

First , you need visit our home site:; Second, you need register and login. Only the authenticated user can see the "buy" menu item on the home page.

How to buy

Third, you click the "Buy" menu item to open the service list page.

buy page

You can choose one service by click the hyperlink "Add to Cart" , this will lead to the shopping cart page.

Shopping cart

Forth: On the shopping cart page, you can change the Qty by click "Update quantity" button. For example, if you want make two year's subscription of our online mind mapping software service, you change the qty as 2.

Finally: You can check out this order by clicking the "PayPal" button. This will lead to the Paypal's site to pay this order.

Note: After you checkout, remember to return to our site automaticly or by the site's lead. Or we can not change your account status right away.

Sites: (English) (Simplified chinese) (Traditional chinese) (Start mindv as guest user )

Blogs: (Hanson's simplified chinese blogs) (Hanson's linkedin home page)


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