Changes from online mind mapping software mindv v1.2.0 to v1.2.1 

Monday, September 5, 2011 8:25:00 PM
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The summary changes from online mind mapping software mindv v1.2.0 to v1.2.1 includes:

  1. The bing search service no longer is open to free users. This is because the agreement between MindV and Microsoft : the bing search result and ads can not be in the same page.
  2. Increased private space quota: Private Personal Folder will increase to 50 MB; Professional Private Folder will increase to 500 MB; Extreme private folder will increase to 1500 MB.
  3. Modified MindV document Schema, to preserve the format of the topic text;
  4. Changed the return file numbers per page when query a directory files, the current value is 50;These two shortcuts keys with the Tab and Shift + Tab help the user navigate all of the topics in a mind map:
    • Tab:A topic has two status, the navigating state and inputting status. In the navigating status, user can navigate all the topics by pressing Tab key (from current selected topic to it's sub topic); when user try to input some characters, the topic will enter inputting status; when user press tab again, it will end the inputting status into the navigating status again. Only in the navigating status, mindv can respond to the shortcut keys .
    • Shift+Tab: Same as tab, with the difference heading in the opposite direction to navigate topics (from current selected topic to it's parent topic).
    • Up: Same as tab, the difference is that the direction is from current selected topic to it's top sibling topic.
    • Down: Same as tab, the difference is that the direction is from current selected topic to it's below sibling topic.
  5. Modified MindV document Schema, it now can save the topic's collapse/expand status when save mind map file, so that when you open this mind map file later, all topic will keep there collapse/expand status;
  6. Mindv now can save mind map zoom ratio;
  7. Security policy changes: if the user has read-only permissions, he/she can not save, export, and print the mind map file;
  8. We do not recommend users to create files as a guest user, because anyone does not login will be identified as guest user. So anyone can modify, delete the file in the guest user directory. Therefore, we add the warning message that prompts the user to register their free or paid account, and login before creating a new file .
  9. bug fix: In file explorer , the file name label display this file tags content not the file name content;
  10. When edit topic text, Enter key does not cause the text wrapped;
  11. When paste multiple lines of text, text combines into a single line string;
  12. When import a MindManager map, sometimes it may lose background fill image;
  13. When the mind map expands its size automaticly, if this mind map has a image background, it's background can not be filled normally;
  14. and several other minor bug fixes.
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